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Check out our lineup of liquor for sale in Chatfield, MN

There's something fun and exciting about ending your night with the perfect nightcap. Top off your drink with a shot of dark rum or scotch from 52 Bottle Shop in Chatfield, MN. Our local liquor store is the ideal place to shop for all kinds of liquor, whether you're on the hunt for something new or want to pick up a bottle of your long-time favorite.

If you're searching for liquor for sale, our local shop has got you covered. Stop by today to pick up a bottle-or two. (We won't judge.)

Find your perfect bottle

Everyone has different tastes, which is why we stock a variety of light and dark liquor options. At our local liquor store you'll find a good selection of...

Light Liquor
Brandy | Gin | Rum | Tequila | Vodka

Dark Liquor
Brandy | Bourbon | Irish Whiskey | Rum | Scotch | Whiskey

With plenty of local Minnesota liquors for sale, you can support the community and have fun while doing it. Contact us today to inquire about our inventory.