Pick Up Some Seltzers for a Night of Fun

We have a wide selection of seltzers at our shop in Chatfield, MN

Seltzers are all the rage these days, giving you the buzz you want along with a light, refreshing taste. If you want to try something new, 52 Bottle Shop has a wide selection of seltzers and mixed drinks for you to choose from. Our drinks typically come in four- and six-packs, depending on the brand and size. We also have a cooler where you can purchase singles if you'd like to try a particular flavor before committing to a larger pack.

Whether you want a mixed drink or a bubbly seltzer, we've got you covered. Visit us today to shop our selection.

Sip on a mixed drink from our case

Different occasions call for different drinks, so you want a liquor store you can count on for all of the goods. When you stop by our store, you can pick up...

  • Seltzers
  • Coffee liqueur drinks
  • Ready-to-drink canned cocktails

Grab a four-pack for yourself and your partner, or pick up several six-packs for your next gathering. You're bound to find mixed drinks that suit your plans. Stop in today.