Take Your Taste Buds On a Round-the-World Tour

Our shop in Chatfield, MN has white wines and red wines from around the globe

Sit back, relax and sip on your favorite wine from 52 Bottle Shop in Chatfield, MN. Our store is the best place to shop for locally sourced wines. Whether you prefer white wines or red wines, our team can help you find a vintage you're bound to enjoy. Visit our local wine store today

Wine for every palate

The flavor profiles in wine vary from one variety to another. Depending on your tastes, we can recommend a wine that you're sure to enjoy. We have a large selection of...

Red wines. Treat yourself to a hefty pour and enjoy the full-bodied taste of a stunning cabernet.
White wines. For a smooth, buttery taste, opt for a classic chardonnay to complement your dinner.
Rosé wines. A beautiful blend, rosé offers a light, fruity taste, ideal for a summer buzz.

If you'd like to shop local, we have red and white wines available in our Minnesota Pride section. Learn more about all of our wines by speaking with a team member today.